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Your regularly scheduled adjustment sessions at Friendly Smiles Orthodontics’s orthodontic clinic in Tucson, Arizona played an important role in gradually altering the position and alignment of your teeth. This also created progressive tension in the periodontal ligaments that secure your teeth into your periodontal tissues.

Once your ideal alignment has been achieved Dr. Yone Ponce can be uninstalled the orthodontic components.

However, you will need to use some form of a retainer to ensure that your teeth remain in their ideal orientation. Without an effective retention phase, any lingering tension in your dental sockets could cause your teeth to relapse toward their old alignment.

Hawley retainers are removable and are often a common option for maintaining the position of the upper teeth. It is a molded piece of orthodontic acrylic mouthpieces that conform to the shape of your mouth and interlocks with your teeth through series of durable wires.

Sometimes, an additionally fixed retainer will be needed to help preserve the alignment of an area that required significant correction. This is more common for lower front teeth or if your braces were needed to correct a significant overcrowding issue.

This is a strong metal band will be cemented in place behind your teeth in critical locations. This will serve to hold them in the new position while your teeth adapt to their new position.

If you are in Tucson, Arizona, and you have a braces retention question, you can always call 520-326-1101 to speak to speak to a staff member at Friendly Smiles Orthodontics.