It Is Never Too Late to Straighten Your Smile

Wearing braces as adults is just as effective at straightening smiles as it is for children, though it tends to take longer to move permanent teeth. Adult teeth can take anywhere from 18 months to 3 years, varying depending on the straightening system you use. However, this is not just a way to look more appealing,… Read more »

Braces Can Reduce the Risk of Dental Attrition

Ideally, your son or daughter’s teeth erupt from the gums at an angle that meets up perfectly with the neighboring teeth in their bite pattern. Sometimes, however, one or two teeth will fail to touch perfectly. If the angle between them is too far out of alignment, this can mean that one tooth wears on… Read more »

Tips on Properly Flossing Around Your Permanent Retainer

If you have a permanent retainer, you might find it difficult to floss under or around the appliance to remove food particles and plaque. Although it’s difficult, it’s still necessary. Fortunately, there are ways you can properly floss around your retainer and effectively clean your smile. Our orthodontist, Dr. , is happy to give you… Read more »

Caring for Your Smile by Cleaning Braces

If you wish for your orthodontic braces to repair your smile properly, it is important to maintain an atmosphere conducive of sturdy and beneficial care. Do not put your teeth or your braces further in harm’s way with ineffective cleaning treatments. When caring for your braces, treat them as you would your own teeth by… Read more »

A Straighter Smile Is a Healthier Smile

Did you know that a straighter smile is also a healthier smile? Well, it’s true! Braces are perfect for aligning crowded or crooked teeth, but improving your smile isn’t all they can do. In addition to creating an attractive smile, braces can help prevent or correct a variety of oral health issues. That is why,… Read more »

What Do You Know about Malocclusions?

There are many diversities of malocclusions that exist. Malocclusions, also referred to as bad bites, are types of irregularities that exist within your smile resulting in poor position or misalignments with your teeth. Not all malocclusions require orthodontic treatments, but with the proper orthodontic treatment that is right for you, malocclusions can be corrected and… Read more »

The Advantages of Invisalign®

Malocclusion is defined as crooked teeth or a misaligned bite. If you have malocclusion, Dr. may recommend Invisalign® in , . Invisalign is a set of aligners that is designed specifically for your smile. They are worn over the teeth for 20 to 22 hours a day to gently straighten the smile. Every week or… Read more »

Braces and Brushing

When it comes to adjusting to braces, here at in , , we understand how tricky it can be. That is why our team is happy to share with you some basic information on the importance of brushing and how to do it when you are experiencing braces. Braces can sometimes feel awkward until you… Read more »

Your Smile Can Improve Thanks to Invisalign®

There are many different ways Invisalign® can improve your oral health and smile. Having a proper alignment is the key because it can decrease cavities and other oral health problems that might occur. Thanks to the success of Invisalign, more people than ever before are now turning to them, so they can have a straight… Read more »

Are Your Teeth Getting the Treatment They Deserve?

Are your teeth getting the treatment they deserve? Injury to your teeth in the form of a misalignment can increase your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth breakage. When teeth are not straight, they can chip or crack without difficulty, and cause you enamel damage that can put your entire smile at risk…. Read more »