Your Smile Can Improve Thanks to Invisalign®

There are many different ways Invisalign® can improve your oral health and smile. Having a proper alignment is the key because it can decrease cavities and other oral health problems that might occur. Thanks to the success of Invisalign, more people than ever before are now turning to them, so they can have a straight… Read more »

Are Your Teeth Getting the Treatment They Deserve?

Are your teeth getting the treatment they deserve? Injury to your teeth in the form of a misalignment can increase your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth breakage. When teeth are not straight, they can chip or crack without difficulty, and cause you enamel damage that can put your entire smile at risk…. Read more »

Sleeping with a Simple Dental Guard Can Help Prevent Complications from Chronic Night Grinding

Stress can impact the human body in a variety of ways. One potential side effect of chronic stress is that it can cause you to grind your teeth at night on a regular basis. While this might not seem serious at first, this condition, known as bruxism, can lead to a host of oral health… Read more »

Ditch the Metal Aligners and Switch to Clear Plastic Ones

Ditch the metal aligners and switch to clear plastic ones. With the Invisalign® orthodontic aligner system, you can straighten your smile with clear aligners. Not only do they work to straighten your smile, but they also improve your oral hygiene and lessen your risk for oral injuries, all the while giving you the aesthetics of… Read more »

Keep Your Appliance and Oral Health in Tip-Top Shape By Using These Recommendations

Do you want a successful orthodontic experience? If so, then there are things you need to do to make that possible, like keep your appliance and oral health in tip-top shape. If you don’t, you could suffer dental issues and delay your treatment time. So, to help you keep your smile and appliance in the… Read more »

You Might Need a Hawley and Fixed Retainer After Your Braces Have Been Removed

Through the course of multiple adjustment sessions at Friendly Smiles Orthodontics, your braces have finally brought your teeth into their ideal alignment. Yet there will still be some lingering tension in the periodontal ligaments that are anchoring each tooth in its individual socket. To prevent this from relapsing your teeth out of their ideal alignment,… Read more »

Why Headgear is Actually Fantastic

The word “headgear” doesn’t always bring the happiest thoughts and emotions. You might think of children in your school who wore or currently wear headgear. Chances are that they were teased for it. Or if you are familiar with the movie Finding Nemo, you might remember a red-haired, freckled child named Darla who wears headgear…. Read more »

Smile Care in Braces

At , Dr. and our experienced team have been providing comprehensive orthodontics for our patients in , , for a long time. Today we would like to talk a little bit about how to care for your smile when you are wearing braces. Brushing Brackets and wires are notorious for trapping oral debris like food… Read more »

Having Your Braces Routinely Adjusted Will Gradually Realign Your Smile

The braces installed into your mouth at have been designed to improve the positions of your teeth. They can adjust many orthodontic issues by applying successive tension to the periodontal ligaments that anchor each tooth in its socket. This is done through routine adjustment sessions, which gradually reposition your teeth with each iteration. Unless there… Read more »

Having a Straighter Smile Is Only an Invisalign® Alignment Away

If you have been wanting a straighter smile, you might consider aligning your smile with Invisalign®! Invisalign as successfully created four million smile transformations as of December 2016. Not only that, but many of our own patients in , , have found that aligning their smile discreetly is pleasantly possible using the virtually invisible Invisalign aligners…. Read more »