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If you wish for your orthodontic braces to repair your smile properly, it is important to maintain an atmosphere conducive of sturdy and beneficial care. Do not put your teeth or your braces further in harm’s way with ineffective cleaning treatments. When caring for your braces, treat them as you would your own teeth by caring for them every day.

The first step should be to eliminate foods and snacks from your diet that can easily become lodged in your teeth and gums, such as hard snacks and candies, gummy and chewy foods, tough or hard foods, and most types of nuts. To make sure your retainer remains clean and free of food debris or bacteria, clean it at least once every week. Never set it outside your mouth unprotected, as this easily lead to contamination. If your braces should break or become damaged, do not attempt to fix them. If a wire has broken off, simply cover the end of the wire with a soft material such as wax or chewing gum and consult with your orthodontist.

Your braces do not function as mouth guards. They are there for straightening your teeth, not guarding or shielding them from physical harm. If you play any contact sports or are involved with activities that can easily damage your smile, always be sure to wear the necessary safety gear, including safety helmets, mouth guards, and face masks.

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