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Orthodontics may look like a relatively modern branch of dentistry, but its origins actually lie in ancient times.

Modern archeologists have uncovered ancient Egyptian mummies with simple metal bands in their mouths. Believe it or not, these archeologists theorize that catgut may have been connected to these bands to facilitate the movement of the teeth. Ancient Greeks, Etruscans and Romans also exhibited an interest in orthodontics.

In 1728, an interest in straighter teeth was reinvigorated when Pierre Fauchard, the Father of modern Dentistry, developed a device he called a bandeau. This was a metal strip curved like a horseshoe which was custom made with holes which fit around the teeth. This device placed pressure on the teeth in order to correct their alignment. Fauchard also operated on patients mouths to forcibly shift crooked teeth. Over time, others in France, America and other parts of the world slowly began to contribute to straightening teeth.

Around 1880, an orthodontist referred to as Edward Hartley Angle effectively identified and documented the elements of a malocclusion. He then fixed these problems with progressively successful orthodontic appliances. Angle was named the Father of Modern Orthodontics.

Since the dawn of modern orthodontia, braces have become lighter, more beautiful and more efficient. Gold and silver have been traded for stainless steel and appliances like ceramic braces, lingual braces and clear aligners make modern orthodontics easier, faster and more discrete.

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