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Braces used to have a negative association with children, inspiring unpleasant names. Today, many children and even adults wear braces, making orthodontic treatment a socially acceptable occurrence. Many people still find the idea of braces to be scary because they don’t know what to expect. We are pleased to offer a few tips on how to prepare for braces so that you don’t find the experience to be stressful.

– Treatment length: The process of placing braces may take one to two hours, depending on the style of orthodontics you receive.

– Placement process: First, we clean and dry the teeth before applying a bonding glue that attaches the brackets to the teeth. The brackets are followed by the arch wire, which is secured in place with elastic bands.

– Comfort: The process of receiving braces is fairly comfortable, though your teeth may feel sore for a few days after they are tightened. Soreness may return with monthly adjustments, but should not last for more than a day or two, and we can offer tips on relieving any discomfort.

To help you adjust to having braces, we invite you to eat soft foods for a few days, such as ice cream, yogurt and soup, as these don’t require any chewing. Foods that are cold can help dull any discomfort.

Our orthodontist may recommend orthodontic wax to prevent any poking wires and avoid the development of mouth sores as a result of brackets being against soft tissues in your mouth. If your sores won’t go away, try rinsing with a saltwater solution for a few days.

It’s easy to adjust to braces with time, and Dr. Yone Ponce and our team are here to help. We invite you to contact Friendly Smiles Orthodontics at 520-326-1101 today to speak with our orthodontist about receiving braces in Tucson, Arizona.