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Welcome to Friendly Smiles Orthodontics online, the orthodontic practice of Yone V. Ponce, DDS. We are pleased to offer braces for patients of all ages in Tucson, Arizona who are seeking a straighter smile. Our orthodontic options include traditional metal and ceramic braces, clear braces, Invisalign® aligners and removable orthodontic appliances.

While braces are one of the most effective ways to correct smile imperfections and align your bite, a straighter smile is also good for your gum health. When teeth are aligned correctly, healthy gum tissue fits more completely around the teeth, helping to prevent periodontal disease by protecting the tooth roots.

Another benefit of wearing metal braces is that once they are on, you don’t have to think about them in order for them to do the job, as you would if you were wearing removable aligners to straighten your pearly whites. While braces and aligners are both effective at correcting smiles, the appliance has to be in place to shift the teeth.

Wearing braces does require taking good care of your teeth and gums to make sure your smile is healthy when the braces are removed. This means you will want to brush, floss and rinse daily, especially after eating. Unless you carefully clean your teeth every day, you can invite tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, mouth sores and bleeding gums into the picture.

For our patients wearing braces, we often encourage using an electric toothbrush to make brushing easier, and using a water flosser (or oral irrigator) to reach around brackets and wires for those who find flossing a challenge. These oral tools can be your best friends while aligning your smile.

No matter what treatment option you choose to straighten and align your smile, Friendly Smiles Orthodontics is here to help. To find out how we can help your smile, please call us today at 520-326-1101. Dr. Yone V. Ponce and our team in Tucson, Arizona are here to help you achieve your healthy, radiant smile!