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There are many diversities of malocclusions that exist. Malocclusions, also referred to as bad bites, are types of irregularities that exist within your smile resulting in poor position or misalignments with your teeth. Not all malocclusions require orthodontic treatments, but with the proper orthodontic treatment that is right for you, malocclusions can be corrected and a straight smile can be yours once more.

Many forms of malocclusions often strike within your incisors, which are your front teeth. If your incisors are misaligned, it can cause issues with eating, biting, and even talking. Various forms of malocclusions include names such as buck teeth, bulldog teeth, misplaced midlines, overbites, and open and closed bites.

However, not all misalignment issues are branded as incisor defects. Some malocclusions can be the result of spacing issues, overcrowded teeth, or examples when there are too many teeth. Transpositions malocclusions occur when teeth erupt above the gum tissue in the wrong spot causing serious alignment issues. Rotation malocclusions are those teeth that have been rotated out of their proper alignment location.

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